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In 2019, I achieved a goal that I had not set out to achieve at the beginning of the year. Interestingly, it is something that I consume on a daily basis, yet never thought that I would be the one creating content like this for others out there.

Around September 2019, I released an IGTV video where I spoke about the importance of staying consistent with the commitments that you make to yourself. It was completely impromptu as I hardly release videos online. But on that day it resonated with another likeminded individual. He reached out to me and said that he really enjoyed the videos and the message behind it and noticed that we were on the same personal development path. Further, he had been thinking about starting a podcast and had been considering doing this with a co-host. He asked if I wanted to grab a coffee and talk it over some more.

At that stage, as I said, I hadn't even been considering it, but it thought "why not?". As a side note, I can attribute some of the best experiences or memories in my life to acting on gut instinct.

When we met, around October 2019, I realised that we shared similar values, goals, and were at similar points in our lives - we both are family men, work in a similar industry and experience similar challenges, but most importantly, we were both committed to becoming the best versions of ourselves.

It was then that we acknowledged that this podcast was worth pursuing and we set ourselves the goal of ensuring that we had our first episode published by the end of 2019.

We spent November developing a name, logo, and charting out some topics and themes we wanted to cover. Most importantly, we decided that we did not want to overthink it and wanted to ensure we just got started. Another key point to highlight is that you need to take action on your goals.

We settled on "The Personal Growth Show" with the tag line "Unleash your full potential".

Our first recording turned out to be a disaster as we noticed after an hour recording that nothing had saved and we had lost the first episode. Not to be deterred, we re-recorded that episode at the beginning of December, and after a bit of editing, we had our first episode live by 29 December 2019!

You can check out the episode here:



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